From July until the 6th January 2019…

To mark the 120th birthday of the Michelin Man, l’Aventure Michelin will be adding some original new visuals to its visitor journey giving you a chance to find out what the Michelin Man was like when he emerged from the Michelin Graphics studio all those years ago.

This funny, friendly, playful, jolly – and ever so popular – character will be popping up all over the place to tell the tale of the Michelin Company with its many exploits and inventions in guess how many pictures? 120, of course!

The Michelin Man’s birth was not associated with storks, but with stacks, stacks of tyres in fact. Not that surprising given his automobile connections! This instantly recognizable figure was thought up by André and Edouard Michelin. His character gradually took shape in the minds of the two founding brothers and was brought to life in1898 by cartoonist Marius Rossillon who signed his drawings O’Galop.


1898-2018 The Michelin Man is celebrating his 120th birthday