LA SERRE MICHELIN : set right in Clermont-Ferrand city center, the Michelin Glasshouse takes you on a getaway journey through the rubber tree story.

Your visit starts out with an immersive film that reveals the secrets of the rubber tree, from seed to seedling and onto how latex is produced. Rubber has transformed our daily lives, yet the rubber story is tale packed with adventures.

You then wander out into the warm air of the tropical glasshouse, accompanied by your guide on a walk through the world of the rubber tree and the many other exotic trees that share its biome: pineapple, coffee, cassava, cocoa tree, and more.

You wind up the tour at the Café Equateur where your guide will host an sensory experience tasting some of the speciality foods made from tropical-source ingredients: from Indonesian coconut to premium chocolate sourced exclusively from Brazil's Bahia state.


A 90min guided tour

Place des Carmes Déchaux - 63 000 Clermont-Ferrand

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