Avec l’avènement du pneu Radial, Michelin a développé des véhicules de test pour améliorer ses produits.

A constant source of innovation

How can we make vehicles safer and more comfortable? How can we make tyres easier to repair? How can we guide tourists? For over a century, travellers have been finding an answer to their questions in the innovations brought out by Michelin. Come and discover Michelin’s game-changing innovations, along with the remarkable resources used to design them, such as the “Mille Pattes” (literally, a centipede): an amazing 9 tonne test vehicle capable of speeds of up to 160 km/h on the track. Use the touch screens to discover the wide range of professions involved in research, and the passion driving the Michelin teams to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Radial technology, the universal tyre

In 1946, Michelin patented the Radial tyre, which could travel longer distances, more safely and with less fuel. This groundbreaking innovation made Michelin a household name around the world and gave it a lead on its competitors. Radial technology has been constantly enhanced since then and is still a core component in the performances of Michelin tyres. Come and see the “fly trap” on display at L’Aventure Michelin: a prototype radial tyre from 1946.

Étant considérée comme une petite voiture populaire, la Citroën 2 chevaux répond à tous les besoins de l’automobiliste et ce à un prix raisonnable.

The Citroën 2 CV: mobility goes mainstream

Michelin has innovated in every area of mobility and drew up the specifications of the “TPV” (Very Small Car) that would come to life as the Citroën 2 CV. The 2 CV was inspired by the aeronautical technology Michelin used to build the Bréguet aircraft, and Michelin’s lightweight railcars (the famous “Michelines”). Over 5 million of these little cars were sold between 1949 and 1990. The one on display at L’Aventure Michelin is one of the very first ones made.

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