L’affiche Nunc est Bibendum a donné naissance au nom du personnage Bibendum

The Michelin Man, icon of the Michelin brand

After celebrating its centenary in 1998, the Michelin Man was elected the world’s best logo by the Financial Times in 2000 and is today continuing its route on the social networks. Come and discover its fabulous story: one of the most inspiring pages in the history of advertising. From the Belle Epoque posters to contemporary designs and from the Tour de France caravan to beach games, every generation has spent time with him. The Michelin Man and objects or documents representing the Michelin brand are among the most popular collectables in the world.

How did the Michelin Man begin?

On seeing a pile of tyres, Edouard Michelin said to his brother André: “Look! If it had arms and legs, it would look like a man!” ». It was the caricaturist O’Galop who brought the idea to life in 1898. Come and see this legendary poster from the early days of the Michelin brand at L’Aventure Michelin.


Where does the name Bibendum, used in france, come from?

The Latin phrase Nunc est bibendum means “now is the time to drink”. At the time, Michelin’s slogan was “the tyre absorbs (i.e. drinks) obstacles”, since tyres made driving on bad roads more comfortable. In the early 20th century, Michelin was addressing a clientele of wealthy, well-educated people. This Latin phrase was chosen to set it apart from rival advertising. The nickname Bibendum was soon given to the Michelin Man.

1898-2018 The Michelin Man is celebrating his 120th birthday

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